What do I need as a new motorcycle rider?

What motorcycle gear should I buy after I have bought my bike?                         

Here are a few motorcycle accessory tips. There are lots of brands, flavors, and styles to pick from. 


Buy a new helmet, not used, one that fits right. Some like half helmets, 3/4 helmets, modular or full face. For riding long distance I recommend Modular or a  full face. The advantage of a Modular is that you can lift the chin up and get some air and take a drink or talk. Most will have a built-in sun visor.  Don't go cheap and buy a used one, you don't know who has dropped it and voided the warranty and ability to protect your head.


Gloves are a must to protect your hands when you fall, also to help grip


A good boot with a hard sole, preferably with traction, ankle plus high no flip flops and tennis shoes. Don't let your rider wear flip flops.


Wear long pants!!!  Burns and Road Rash is no fun.


A leather vest or Cut will protect you from the elements, Many riders use a Cut to identify who they rider with.


Leather Chaps will protect your legs from the wind, rain, rocks. Chaps are great for the cooler months to keep you warmer. Chaps will protect your legs from road rash when you go down.

Cell phone holder-     

No one likes to lose and break a phone, Don't let it fall out of your pocket. it doesn't end well. A good cell phone holder will keep in place so you don't lose it. Also when your stopped can use it as a GPS, or sync your music

What happens without a phone holder.  


Communication headsets are great to listen to music, gps and communicate with your friends. It also helps as a new rider to listen to some advice from advanced riders. 

Luggage net-       

Always nice to have a luggage net or strap to hold down those loose items. Have you ever started a ride and its cold in the morning, then as the day heats up what do you do with your coat?  Roll it up and use a Mesh Strap.  Or have you been on a ride and stopped and found something you wanted to buy but couldn't because you had no way to get it home?  Keep a Mesh Strap with you.

Helmet Lock-      

Not everyone has room in the tour pack keep a helmet.  Buy a cable and lock. Great for locking up your valuables.

Throttle Boss-    

Throttle Controller will help from getting a tired hand. A great little device, Attaches to the throttle. Use your palm instead of always having to grip. Less strain on your wrist and hands. Great for a long ride.


Now you are all set up and spending everyday riding, there will be a time when you need to park it for a few months. Get a cover to protect your bike from the dust. Covers are great on the road to cover when parked at night. Keeps the rain or moisture from getting inside. 


These are nice when you have to park in the gravel or grass. Small and lightweight. Keeps your bike from falling over. You don't want to be that guy and knock everyone else bike over. 

Sunglasses or Goggles                            

if your helmet doesn't have a sun shield, Dark sunglasses are great to have to protect your eyes. Protective glasses will keep the Bugs out of Your Eyes.


Don't leave home without it on your arms, neck, face.

Check your oil, tires, shocks.

Now you're ready to ride, to enjoy the adventure as we know it's not where you go but how you get there.

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